Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Winter in Michigan ....Week 35 in Monroe

     Starting off the week we went up to Riverview to do things with the District, board games and hacky sack. We did that for the afternoon and then that evening we went to visit a less active couple (C& N)) We taught the Restoration and invited the husband to prepare for the priesthood so he could bless their child. He was so exited to know that he could, and they came to church yesterday, it was a great visit. 

     In the morning we went to a food pantry to volunteer and I love to serve there. What we do is helping stock shelves and taking people around, it is so much fun. Then that afternoon we went with a member to visit some less active priesthood brethren and the one that answered had moved... but now we know. Later that evening we did it again with our ward mission leader.

     Wednesday for district meeting we practised teaching some lessons. After we stopped by some investigators to try and set up something, then stopped by a member at his work to set up a time to maybe teach his girlfriend. While at his work we talked to his co-worker. Then it was time for dinner so we travelled to the members home and after that we went out to talk to some  people. 

     Thursday was a day full of service at habitat and the food pantry. We had like 5 hours of service that day. That night we went to the bishops for dinner and had swiss steak and pineapple upside down cake.

     Friday was long. We planned then at 3:30 we went up to Farmington for Elder Stonehocker who had an interview with President. That was long because it was a double booked appointment for 4:30 so we didn't get out till 6:30. Then we got like 5 miles out and realized we forgot our phone so we went back to get that and then went home. We got home about 8pm. Then we had to pack and then we travelled to Riverview for exchanges.

     Saturday morning we walked down by the river and people were fishing, not ice fishing cause it was like 60ºF (16ºC) We had a lesson with a recent convert which took awhile and then we went to go contact some former's. The high today was 70ºF (21ºC) in February.... I guess this is a winter in Michigan!

     Sunday we went to church and after we came out and it was 66ºF. We went to go see brother FE and it was great. Then we travelled to a dinner appointment down south and after that we went to see the less active couple we saw on Monday. They are doing great! Tonight we invited them to prepare to be sealed in the temple. 

Great week and a Warm one!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Serious... 21ºC !! and this is February!

A new favorite!

Taken from our balcony

In Alberta we have watch for deer signs,
here they have watch for tractor signs!

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