Tuesday, 7 February 2017

"I AM A CHILD OF GOD" ....Week 33 in Monroe

     Last Monday we went up to Panda Express, a Chinese quick restaurant ...yummy. After that we went to email and then went to a members home to play board games. It was sweet! We will be doing the same today with another member. 

     The next day we went to a place to volunteer. We helped them organise a few things for what would be happening the next day. Then that afternoon we went to Habitat for Humanity,  a place to help out again! Lots of good stuff. That night we went to a less actives for dinner and we had an amazing pot roast and biscuits Yummy! After we drove quickly to the church to go out with members to visit less actives.  

     Wednesday, for district meeting, we spent the whole time working on the plan of salvation lesson that we teach investigators and then it was over... haha. After we drove to our ward mission leaders house for something then had lunch. Our two lessons we had planned for the night cancelled ..... sooo, we talked to people downtown and got some potentials. One person we talked to is a fighter and we are still trying to get back in contact with him to teach. So that was cool. Then I bought some cookies and cream soda.. never again! 

     More service with Habitat the next day after we got our oil changed in our car. Then we cleaned out the area book and applied what was taught at Zone Conference. After that we went out with the elders quorum president and visited less actives. One person answered, it was the guys father but his son had moved away over 10 years ago so haha I guess no one has been there in a while. 

      Friday after weekly planning we had a failed attempt at a lesson with the same person attempt number... I've lost count! Then we drove to an appointment for Elder Stonehocker. We had a dinner appointment that evening and where we were coming from it was and hour away and our GPS said we were going to be 25 min late. We thought we could maybe shave off time but we decided to call and told them the situation. After some struggle it took us forever. Two times we came to a complete stop on the interstate. We got there at 6:10, 40 min after our scheduled time but they were nice about it. We had rice and sesame chicken it was yummy, worth the wait! Then we saw our recent convert brother F and read more of where he is at in his scripture reading.

     Saturday is a special day, its the day we get ready for Sunday.... this morning we volunteered at mcop, a food pantry. Its where we take people around and help them get their food and keep track. We had lots of great interactions with people. After the service they gave us each a gallon of chocolate milk. Then we went to see  a less active and we have only been meeting since the new year and he just completed 1st Nephi and understands so much more. He has really been feeling the spirit. After that we had some finding and then dinner and studies and then we saw a recent convert. She is struggling with things so her VT is helping a ton. 

     Ward conference was Sunday and that was great. The focus was "I AM A CHILD OF GOD" It was great! I love the second verse and we as members of the church can really apply it so go and read it and apply it! That evening we had dinner at the brother and sister H ...Chicken pot pie or a delicious creation like it! haha They are such an amazing family and do so much for us. Later we saw brother F and read in Alma about the "Anti-Nephi-Lehis. That too is a great story. 

     Well I hope you all enjoy the snow back home. We are going to enjoy a day in the 50s tomorrow and our winter total is 8 inches of snow!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Cookies and Cream soda... not tasty...but a fun idea

My new ties... love a sale!

Biscuits & Gravy! Awesome

New knot for my new tie

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