Monday, 27 February 2017

Two New Missionaries ...Week 36 in Monroe

     Monday was long. We went to a members home to play games for our preparation day, we played for like 7 hours. It was long but fun and the great news is I won a few games! That evening Elder Stonehocker had to do some things that missionaries do when they  are getting ready to leave for home. He needed a computer so we had to go to Walmart to do it because all library's were closed (President day). After we went over to see Brother FE our recent convert. It was a colder day some strong wind.

     Tuesday, we volunteered at a food pantry again. We did that before and after lunch and then since we didn't email Monday we emailed home. After we did some visits to less actives with our ward mission leader and we had no luck but we stopped by one of his home teaching families and this brother hadn't been to church in a while so we talked a little, a real nice guy.

   STONEHOCKERS BIRTHDAY this morning! At midnight I set an alarm to say happy birthday to him but when it went off I got up to shut it off but I was way to tired to do anything so I went back to bed. Later that day we went to district meeting and had a long discussion on preach my gospel and how we can use it our daily efforts and it turns out there is a ton of ways we can apply it. Later that evening we had a birthday dinner for Elder Stonehocker at a members home. We had a turkey dinner, it was great and then some yummy raspberry cheesecake with whipping cream yum! Oh ya, he turned 21! That evening we saw brother FE again. It was a great day!

     The next day we went to habitat for humanity and we priced some things and stocked some shelves and carried a few things. Since we have been volunteering there we have created an awesome bond with the people there. It has been amazing. In the afternoon we saw a less active brother who is so exited to meet and learn since he has forgotten it all. He said his goal is to attend sacrament this next month, and when we taught the 10 Commandments he knew and understood them all. That evening was the highlight of my week. We went to an I'M A MORMON DEVOTIONAL and we took Brother FE. The devotional was at the chapel by the Detroit Temple. For the first time in his life he was able to see a Temple of the Lord.  He said that helped him to better understand what he is shooting for. It truly is an amazing place where the spirit is so strong. The devotional was great and I'm glad we could take brother FE.

     Friday was long we served a little in the morning and then had a lesson with our investigator (E) and that was great. She is wanting baptism, she will just have to resolve some things prior. That afternoon Elder Stonehocker had an appointment and then we went out to dinner at a members home. We had pork sandwiches yum! That evening we got transfer calls..... and Monroe is getting "Two New Missionaries" Well I didn't see that coming! It has been great here in Monroe and I will look forward to serving here for 6 more weeks with the Two New Missionaries  because it will be us three! 

Saturday in the morning we planned and and a lesson fall through so Elder Stonehocker packed and packed. That night we had a dutch oven dinner at our ward mission leaders home, it was fantastic and a peach cobbler dessert which was real tasty!

     In the morning we went to church and the investigators that said they were coming did not, that was sad. After church we had a lunch appointment with a member and they made home made hamburgers 1/2 pound and deep fried fries Oh man that was great! Best burger I have had in a while. Then we contacted some referrals and had dinner at Brother & Sister H and we had steak and chicken fajitas - oh man that was divine! They are such a great family! And always feeding us! 

It truly has been a great week and as I reflect on the 18 weeks I have been with Elder Stonehocker and all the up and the downs it has been great! I would not trade it for anything. 

Have a great week Eh!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

When we went to the devotional

Elder Stonehocker enjoying a fruit roll up

My new puck

We were at habitat..... and saw a toilet..... so I posed

The district left to right... Elder Jolley, Elder Sherwood,
Elder Shone, Elder Coles, Elder Rodgers, Elder Stonehocker

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