Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Missionaries are Fed well ...Week 40 in Monroe

     Monday we were emailing and then after all that we went home to play board games. We played monopoly and I lost terribly but that's alright. I did beat them all in monopoly deal though.  Later that night we had a dinner appointment with the lady who was inactive that we met at the Food Pantry last week. She made us Steak Alfredo it was the best! Oh man filling to, but that was how we started off the week.

     Tuesday was also fun we or really I took home a gallon of milk from the food pantry because they had more excess of it, that was great! After companion study we went to see a a member to read with him then a lesson with an investigator. That evening Elder Schone went on some cookie splits while me and Elder Coles waited. Neither of us can drive so that was interesting so we waited for them to come back.

     Wednesday was district meeting and then we travelled to see a a less active member but after talking they were not interested in having us come over. It was a nice day so we did some finding and then dinner and some more 'my plan' for Elder Coles. Then we had a lesson with Brother FE. 

     Thursday we had service at habitat 4 humanity and it was great. It was a cold day and that was good so we priced some things and helped move some things around. After we had our district leader and his companion came down for the afternoon and we all worked in our area for the afternoon. We saw Brother FE during that time and we talked to some cool people. After that we had our dinner and then we went to a members home to teach the restoration. It was a good lesson. Later we had our companion study.

     Friday, the day before Saturday we went to the relief society presidents home for lunch. We had chili and brats.. YUM and some good melon. It was a filling lunch. After that we finished weekly planning then we saw a less active. We read with him and then we had dinner and another member visit to teach the restoration. That went well. Then we drove 30 min to Riverview for exchanges that take place on Saturday. 

     So on exchange I was with Elder Jolley. We did some finding throughout the day and some companion study and some more finding. I also saw Canada from an island there, it was a good exchange.

     Sunday was good. We began they day off driving to Riverview at like 7am because I forgot the phone there, silly me. So that was fun. Then church which was also great. We had lunch and a member restoration lesson and visit and then finding downtown and then off to Brother & Sister H for dinner. It was divine -Mexican rice and tacos.... pretty great! After we saw Brother FE and that was great. He drew me a nice picture of Christ. Tonight, some companion study.

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Elder Rodgers and Elder Schone .. could be brothers!!
Lots of packing for Elder Cole

Four Seasons in Monroe ...Week 39 in Monroe

     So I have finally hit all four official season in Monroe! I started with Summer then moved to fall then winter and now it is spring! It's crazy! So starting off our week we had our preparation day. We went to Cracker Barrel and it was alright, I got some lunch special. Then we played lots of board games and then our lesson fell trough that evening with (TM) a former investigator. We went to the library so Elder Coles could do more 'my plan' before he fly's home! Tonight night we saw Brother FE. 

     In the morning we went to a food pantry and again more food for me! I took home like 20 protein shakes and 3 pounds of bananas for my morning breakfast. Serving there was great! My companion took a person through and found out she was an inactive member (S) and wanted to start coming again, it was crazy! I took a person through and they were odd... but hey I am too, so it was a balanced effort. That evening we had a lesson with a part member family (B's) and taught their child and it was great, they have great questions! Then we went to the church for cookie night and only one member showed up so one Elder went out and we waited. Good day. Oh and I also have this not fun stuffy nose so it also made the day feel like it was longer. 

     Wednesday we drove to district meeting today and I gave a white handbook instruction on Elders dress attire. We had a good practice on teaching just the doctrine, and then had lunch and finding. For dinner we had lasagna at a members home and it was great! That evening we saw Brother FE.

     Thursday we went to offer up our service at Habitat 4 Humanity. We got to take a sledge hammer to La-Z-Boy couches and recliners! It was great, lots of fun. We also got to price things, it was good. All that destruction made us hungry so we went to a Chinese buffet... YUM! Later some finding and dinner and some service at the pantry. We had a lesson with Brother FE. 

     Friday was Week Planning Day. After that we did finding and for dinner ,on Saint Patrick's day we went to a members. We had brats and beans and salad. They were spicy brats... wow, but I managed - barely. After we drove to Riverview to go on exchange with the district leader. 

     Saturday, for those of you who didn't know, it was NATIONAL CORN DOG DAY!! So we went to Sonic for 50 cent corn dogs! It was great... 50 cent Dogs wrapped in corn! We saw someone Elders Coles knew when we served in Riverview, he was a cool guy. Then we did some finding and talking to people. For dinner me and Elder Wade made some fettuccine Alfredo. It was grand! Then some contacting at the mall. We had it easy for one part because someone came up to us and asked what we were about and we got his info and they will go and teach him.  

     Sunday, the Sabbath Day. We went to church and at like 10:00 and there were only like 50 people but at like 10:25 there was like 90. We had some lunch and visited a former investigator then it was dinner. I made orange chicken, rice and onions and peppers. Then we went to a members home to read and then saw Brother FE. I am finally getting over my stuffed nose troubles but who knows! 

Have a blessed week y'all
Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Look... Green for St Pat's Day

I ate fake potatoes... not too bad!

Chicken cordon blue and fake potatoes...YUM

Protein Shakes!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Service Brings Blessings ...Week 38 in Monroe

     Monday was great. We went to a Chinese buffet and then to a members home for the latter part of our preparation day to play games, but an awesome part of the day was, we were driving and we got a call so we pulled over to answer and it was a less active who wanted a Book of Mormon and her kids to be baptized and her family to start coming back to church. We met and taught her that evening and it went well. We had another lesson fall through that evening and then went to go see brother FE. Great day!

     Tuesday was awesome. We volunteered at the food pantry again and today they received an excess of frozen pizzas so we were able to take home 11 frozen pizzas, it was amazing! They also gave us some chocolate and strawberry milk, the Lord will bless as we serve! That afternoon we saw an investigator (M) and then we went to the library for Elder Coles so he could do some "my plan" That is what they have the missionaries do when they have 6 weeks lefts to help prepare them for going home. Then some cookie splits with the ward and pizza for dinner. 

     Zone Conference 8-5 today was great. We talked a lot about how our finding can improve and what we can do to teach just the doctrine in Preach my gospel. That evening we met with bishop to discuss his view for this transfer for the work needed in the ward.

     Thursday was cold. We volunteered at Habitat 4 Humanity and got to smash some cabinets with a hammer and then hang some lights in the ceiling, and we assembled some cabinet doors. After that we did some finding and then had our companion study and dinner. We went to a members home to teach a short message of the restoration. As a mission we are teaching it to all the active members in the wards. That concluded our evening.

     Friday was cold and windy. We went to contact two referrals and they were both non existent. Then we did some contacting and then our lesson fell trough with a former investigator. We saw a less active member and then drove to a members home to teach the restoration to the family. After that we had dinner and companion study.

     Saturday was long... Elder Schone was sick so we were in the apartment all day. I cleaned a little and for dinner made a general tso chicken and rice with green pepper and onion creation! It was amazing! We played a few games tonight. 

     Sunday Elder Schone was still sick so we stayed in all day. We were signed up for a member dinner so we texted her and she ended up bringing us dinner and in the goodness of her heart she even brought it up to the door. She is amazing! That night I had a bad headache and it lasted from like 3-10:30 and started back up this morning. I have taken lots of medicine and now its gone!

lots of love 
Elder Rodgers 

Take a second look... this is Elder Schone but
boy does he look like Elder Rodgers

Elder Coles
Sunrise from our window

my tso chicken creation

our pizza stash

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Good byes and Hellos ....Week 37 in Monroe

     Monday was my last preparation day with Elder Stonehocker. It was a blast! We picked up some members of the district and then went to Detroit for his last time. We stopped in at a place called Foreman Mills and I got two ties, one Elder Stonehocker bought me. They were only like $3.99  on sale and regular like $19.99, so that was sweet. Then we went to the Palmer Park Chapel, it used to be a Greek Orthodox church but now its and LDS chapel. Then we drove downtown and got some pictures of the hockey, football and baseball arenas the best we could. I could also see Ceasers Palace in Windsor so that was sweet. Dinner that night was amazing, we had Chimichangas and man the member made them home made and they were awesome! Re-fried beans, chicken, peppers,tomatoes and I think some lime... wow homemade Mexican, it was great. After we got a new investigator and then saw brother FE quickly.

     Tuesday was tough. I had to part from my companion, one that I had been with for 18 weeks. We defiantly had ups and downs but he will be missed! Then I got two new companions! They were companions the last two transfers in Riverview, yes they were part of our district and now they are my companions. Elder Schone, from ID and has been out 20 months and Elder Coles from UT and has been out 23 Months. So I am now in a trio once again. After some confusion at transfers we picked up and travelled to the promised land of "Monroe."  We shopped and did some service this afternoon. That evening we went on cookie split and gave away cookies! 

     The next day we got a new District leader for the first time on my mission. We had only a 60 min District Meeting. After that we went downtown to talk to people and that evening we saw Brother FE. 

     In the Morning we went to Habitat for Humanity to offer up some service and it was great, lots of fun! Later that afternoon we saw DM, a less active member who is doing well. He said today that by our next visit he will have finished 2 Nephi, he is a miracle. We drove down to have a lesson with another less active member in Erie but they forgot and were not home oops next time.

     Friday, wow we planned and then did some finding and then studies and dinner. We saw Brother FE and some other Investigators, a busy day.

     Saturday was great service day. After we went on a visit with a member. We tried to see a former investigator, no luck. 

     Then it was Fast Sunday. Mn it was great! The thing I picked out of all the testimony's is that when you go to the temple you can really feel the spirit. After church we did finding and went to go visit former's and then we had dinner at Brother and Sister H. Man they made such a great meal. Then a failed attempt to see someone and then companion study.

Doctrine and Covenants 58:4 this scripture is a great one it can apply to us and help us go throughout life.  

Lots Of Love
Elder Rodgers 

Farewell to Elder Stonehocker 

outside the library

Palmer Park Chapel

Downtown Detroit

Delicious place

I got to play rooolll up the rim!