Thursday, 9 March 2017

Good byes and Hellos ....Week 37 in Monroe

     Monday was my last preparation day with Elder Stonehocker. It was a blast! We picked up some members of the district and then went to Detroit for his last time. We stopped in at a place called Foreman Mills and I got two ties, one Elder Stonehocker bought me. They were only like $3.99  on sale and regular like $19.99, so that was sweet. Then we went to the Palmer Park Chapel, it used to be a Greek Orthodox church but now its and LDS chapel. Then we drove downtown and got some pictures of the hockey, football and baseball arenas the best we could. I could also see Ceasers Palace in Windsor so that was sweet. Dinner that night was amazing, we had Chimichangas and man the member made them home made and they were awesome! Re-fried beans, chicken, peppers,tomatoes and I think some lime... wow homemade Mexican, it was great. After we got a new investigator and then saw brother FE quickly.

     Tuesday was tough. I had to part from my companion, one that I had been with for 18 weeks. We defiantly had ups and downs but he will be missed! Then I got two new companions! They were companions the last two transfers in Riverview, yes they were part of our district and now they are my companions. Elder Schone, from ID and has been out 20 months and Elder Coles from UT and has been out 23 Months. So I am now in a trio once again. After some confusion at transfers we picked up and travelled to the promised land of "Monroe."  We shopped and did some service this afternoon. That evening we went on cookie split and gave away cookies! 

     The next day we got a new District leader for the first time on my mission. We had only a 60 min District Meeting. After that we went downtown to talk to people and that evening we saw Brother FE. 

     In the Morning we went to Habitat for Humanity to offer up some service and it was great, lots of fun! Later that afternoon we saw DM, a less active member who is doing well. He said today that by our next visit he will have finished 2 Nephi, he is a miracle. We drove down to have a lesson with another less active member in Erie but they forgot and were not home oops next time.

     Friday, wow we planned and then did some finding and then studies and dinner. We saw Brother FE and some other Investigators, a busy day.

     Saturday was great service day. After we went on a visit with a member. We tried to see a former investigator, no luck. 

     Then it was Fast Sunday. Mn it was great! The thing I picked out of all the testimony's is that when you go to the temple you can really feel the spirit. After church we did finding and went to go visit former's and then we had dinner at Brother and Sister H. Man they made such a great meal. Then a failed attempt to see someone and then companion study.

Doctrine and Covenants 58:4 this scripture is a great one it can apply to us and help us go throughout life.  

Lots Of Love
Elder Rodgers 

Farewell to Elder Stonehocker 

outside the library

Palmer Park Chapel

Downtown Detroit

Delicious place

I got to play rooolll up the rim!

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