Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Missionaries are Fed well ...Week 40 in Monroe

     Monday we were emailing and then after all that we went home to play board games. We played monopoly and I lost terribly but that's alright. I did beat them all in monopoly deal though.  Later that night we had a dinner appointment with the lady who was inactive that we met at the Food Pantry last week. She made us Steak Alfredo it was the best! Oh man filling to, but that was how we started off the week.

     Tuesday was also fun we or really I took home a gallon of milk from the food pantry because they had more excess of it, that was great! After companion study we went to see a a member to read with him then a lesson with an investigator. That evening Elder Schone went on some cookie splits while me and Elder Coles waited. Neither of us can drive so that was interesting so we waited for them to come back.

     Wednesday was district meeting and then we travelled to see a a less active member but after talking they were not interested in having us come over. It was a nice day so we did some finding and then dinner and some more 'my plan' for Elder Coles. Then we had a lesson with Brother FE. 

     Thursday we had service at habitat 4 humanity and it was great. It was a cold day and that was good so we priced some things and helped move some things around. After we had our district leader and his companion came down for the afternoon and we all worked in our area for the afternoon. We saw Brother FE during that time and we talked to some cool people. After that we had our dinner and then we went to a members home to teach the restoration. It was a good lesson. Later we had our companion study.

     Friday, the day before Saturday we went to the relief society presidents home for lunch. We had chili and brats.. YUM and some good melon. It was a filling lunch. After that we finished weekly planning then we saw a less active. We read with him and then we had dinner and another member visit to teach the restoration. That went well. Then we drove 30 min to Riverview for exchanges that take place on Saturday. 

     So on exchange I was with Elder Jolley. We did some finding throughout the day and some companion study and some more finding. I also saw Canada from an island there, it was a good exchange.

     Sunday was good. We began they day off driving to Riverview at like 7am because I forgot the phone there, silly me. So that was fun. Then church which was also great. We had lunch and a member restoration lesson and visit and then finding downtown and then off to Brother & Sister H for dinner. It was divine -Mexican rice and tacos.... pretty great! After we saw Brother FE and that was great. He drew me a nice picture of Christ. Tonight, some companion study.

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Elder Rodgers and Elder Schone .. could be brothers!!
Lots of packing for Elder Cole

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