Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Today I Saw the "Promise Land" ...Week 2 in Lapeer

     Monday was a hoot! We played games all afternoon and then we went out to a home where we had set up a lesson just two days prior. We had a great lesson with her (M), we taught the restoration and it was great. She is being prepared to receive the fullness of this gospel. That evening we did finding and talked to some people. 

     Tuesday was the highlight of the week, it was Zone conference. We played Preach My Gospel jeopardy. It was lots of fun, except our district got slammed! We finished with -5000 points, we bet and lost, but that just means we need to study better. We also learned how to make a more effective lesson plans for our investigators. President purchased a Shaved Ice machine for the mission and events in the mission and he let us test it! It was great tasting shaved ice. That evening we had our dinner and studies and some finding. 

     Finding in the morning and in the afternoon we went to read the Book of Mormon with someone, then companion study and ward correlation at our ward mission leaders home. We had pizza there for dinner. That evening we had a lesson with our investigator (J) and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

     Thursday in the morning we served at the habitat for humanity. It was pouring rain all morning and there was some great thunder! After that we contacted downtown and I got soaked. We had companion study and dinner and our lesson fell through with (M) our investigator but she said she will come to church this week. 

     Friday we weekly planned and then did some finding before our companion study. We found a soup kitchen in our area and went there and it was great. They love us and we are going to make this a weekly thing when we can. Then we had dinner and some finding before we travelled to Port Huron for exchanges. 

     So Saturday I went to be with Elder Smith for the day, he came out in March of 2016 when I got here from PEI. We did some contacting and then we had lunch and studies and then we went to pick up a member to take him to a lesson that we had. The lesson went great we taught her the plan of salvation and she loved it and agreed to be baptized. Then we contacted, had dinner, and then more contacting! Today I Saw the "Promise Land"... "Canada" It was only a bridge away, and it was just how I remembered it... haha! We drove back to Lapeer after that and it was a long drive. 

     On the Sabbath we went to meeting prior to church and then had church where (M) showed up. It was great. After church we went to read the Book of Mormon with someone and then planned and talked to some cool people. We had dinner and companion study and then had a lesson with (J) and it went well... and then some more knocking on doors.

love y'all... Have a great week!

Lots og Love
Elder Rodgers

with Elder Smith

Country road in Lapeer

our gps was sending us to Canada!

bridge to Canada!

So close!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

It's been great in Monore ....Week 1 in Lapeer

     Monday was my last full day in the county of Monroe, bitter sweet. Us twins (Brad and Elder Schone) got our haircut, and then we had a coupon for Papa Johns pizza, we got a 16" for $10 so me and Schone split it. It was good then we played some card games before we went to a members home for dinner and some family home evening games. We had lasagna and sorry mom but this one put yours to the test, it was delightful! We played some munchkins and then I went to pack....  I strongly do not like that. 

     In the morning we drove to transfers. I am going to Lapeer MI. It's bigger them Monroe and we get to drive a 2016 Ford Escape again like here in Monroe. When we got there we shopped and then went to a less active visit, he was cool. Later we did some contacting and that evening we had a lesson with our investigator (B) who is progressing really well at the moment. Then we did some more finding.

     Wednesday was district meetings and our district leader is Elder Wood, he was in Monroe before as well so that was cool. Then we tried by some referrals and then tried by some place for service but it was a no go. We had some lunch and more finding. We had correlation also and a taco dinner there... yum! We stopped by some investigators that evening. 

     Thursday in the morning we went to habitat 4 humanity which is good service. Then some finding and for dinner we drove 30 min through the country. We had curry,  it was great. When we got back.... some more finding.

     Friday we had an apartment inspection and we passed! Then we had weekly planning and some finding and then our studies and dinner and more finding.

     Saturday we had a lesson with a less active and then some finding and then dinner and some more finding. We saw our investigator (B) and taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Sabbath Day and he is doing really well. Then some finding to Finnish the night!

     Easter Sunday was great! Our investigator (B) came to church and he enjoyed it again and will be doing some activities with the ysa later this week. After lunch we did some finding and studies before we went to a members for dinner, we had steak and fries and it was grand! We even got some Easter basket and goodies..... and then yes... more finding after we tried by some former's.

Happy Easter to everyone, and let us not forget Christs infinite Atonement because in preach my gospel we read " We are helpless without the Atonement of Jesus Christ"

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

River in Lapeer

A lake we walk around

My 88¢ pineapple 

For mom.... she always calls me Bubba

My Easter basket!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

My last Supper ....Week 42 in Monroe

     Last Monday for Prep Day we went to a members home to play board games and I did not win a single game! Then we tried to see a recent convert, after we were able to see our other recent convert Brother FE.

     Tuesday we served at the food pantry and it was great! I got to take home 2 containers of strawberry's so that was cool! I also took another gallon of milk. Fun fact... in the last three months I have had a gallon of milk each week but have only paid for one... it has been real. We did some finding and that evening we had three members show up for the cookie visit. That was great and we continued to find out that people no longer live in the ward but also had some good visits.

     Wednesday for District meeting we learned about keeping our finding short but powerful. After district meeting we saw a few people and then we had a dinner appointment in Dundee so we drove there. It was pouring rain after dinner. We called the potential that we found that afternoon and she answered and then hung up, so we tried to contact the recent convert who we didn't see on Monday and we tried to confirm but she didn't answer. It can be quite frustrating. 

     The next day we had a lesson scheduled at noon so we moved our service to the afternoon but showed up early because the lesson cancelled. It was pouring rain again and we got pretty wet when we were taking things out to the dumpster. Later we had our dinner and some study and we saw brother FE. 

     Friday during weekly planning Elder Coles did some packing and then we did some finding. After, we travelled to a members to teach the restoration and that was good. Then we tried to volunteer at the soup kitchen but they didn't need our help, so we talked to people. We had companion study and then we travelled to Riverview to begin an exchange. Also, I got the call that I will be leaving the area.

     Saturday we started off finding then we went to a Chinese buffet to celebrate and then we continued finding until dinner and then more finding!

     Sunday was fast & testimony and it was great. I have been in Monroe 294 days after I go. Today I packed a little and then I had 'My Last Supper' with a family in the ward.. Brother & Sister H. It was awesome and I will miss them! We taught a member restoration lesson and that went great, then went to say goodbye to Brother FE and a couple other people. 

The people of Monroe have been very good to me and I will miss them! Stay tuned to see where I will go....

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

My 'Twin'   Elder Schone

our serious look

Some good times spent here

Back: Elder Schone, Elder Rodgers, Elder Cole
Front: Elder Wade, Elder Jolley

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Light Of Christ ...Week 41 in Monroe

     Shalom, Monday was awesome. We had some time so we travelled to Ann Arbor for some of the day. We stopped in at a mall where I bought the Detroit hat and then we walked around the university campus and then came home. We finished off the prep day by playing games. For dinner we had Mexican at a Mexican members home, it was delicious tacos ...real tacos! Like homemade tortilla shells. After that we saw Brother FE and studied the scriptures with him. 

     Tuesday the food pantry was a success. I got another free gallon of milk but all they had was 1/2% milk so I took it and tried it, not too bad. After we had interviews in Dearborn. It is a 50 min car ride by interstate so we get there and after 30 min president cancelled interviews due to lack of time and rescheduled them for the next day. It was nice because we were going to be at the mission home anyways for Elder Coles exit interview. So we came back and did some "my plan" for Elder Coles. Later we went to cookie night and found out the 5 we went to visit no longer live there. 

     Wednesday I got some subway and tried a new sub and then we drove to the Mission home for all of our interviews. After we travelled to District Meeting. There we discussed how to better establish daily contact with our investigators, it was good. After some dinner and study as a companionship we saw Brother FE and read some more with him. 

     Thursday we rendered some service at Habitat 4 Humanity. We helped some people move things around then we had lunch and companion study. That evening a member picked us up and we went to the I'M A MORMON DEVOTIONAL in Saline with Brother FE. It was great! 

     Friday was slow but the best part was we participated in lent at a catholic church by going to their fish fry with some members for an all you can eat fish buffet, so much fish! Then we had a lesson with a  (A)

     Saturday was General Conference and for the first session we went to a less active home (M). After we went to a Chinese buffet to celebrate and invited a member and their family came. It was a fun experience.  Then we drove to another home for the second session and then the priesthood session. From that session was my favourite talk. It was by Elder Bragg which is where my title comes in to play "The Light Of Christ" 

     Sunday we had our investigator over to a members home and then she watched it in Spanish with their son and we watched it in English. They fed us lunch and then we went to another members to watch General Conference last session and then have dinner after. 

It was a great weekend full of awesome things and much blessings!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

My new Detroit Hat

Sweet onion Teriyaki Chicken... delicious!

Mission Home

My BBQ pulled Pork!

Big House Stadium in the back.
Where Michigan Wolverines play football

Loved Conference