Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Donut Burgers and hit 500 days! ...Week 3 in Lapeer

     Monday! It was good, we played some board games and were at the apartment most of the day. In the evening we went out a little while to contact, later in the evening we met a Youth Pastor at Tim Horton's. We had a lesson with him or I guess more of a discussion on our faith but hey not all will heed the message. 

     Tuesday morning we travelled to interviews with president and they went well, lots of good insights. Then we went to Donut Burger and I got a burger with Donuts as bun it was amazing! I was so full after, but it was great. We contacted that afternoon and then had dinner and then cookie spits. We saw a less active who is cool and is ok if we come by again.

     Wednesday was district meeting. It was a success. We learned how to make a lesson plan and then teach it better. After that we had a lesson with someone who was taught a while back and when we saw him he said he prayed to know and that his answer was not now so he dropped us. So then we travelled to correlation and had a good visit. One of our lesson fell through tonight but one went through and they asked us to take a break as they are in the process of moving so we are going to do that. 

     Thursday was our service day at habitat for humanity which was good, After we went to read the Bible with someone, and our next lesson fell through again so more contacting. 

     Friday for weekly planning we planned...  then we did some finding and comp study. Later we went to the soup kitchen to help out and then taught the restoration to a members family and then some more contacting.

    Saturday was crazy. We had a lesson with someone and it was strange, we taught him outside while his garage sale was going on and he would yell to people going by that he was meeting with the Mormons. Then lunch and then we dropped off a book at a home and then contacting till dinner. We had the best Steak Fajitas that I have ever had. They were delicious! After we taught the restoration to another family of the ward, and gave a Bible to a referral then contacted. is my 500th day! At church it was Fast &Testimony meeting and it was good. After we read the Book of Mormon with someone and then we broke our fast with some dinner. Later we went to a family of the ward to teach the restoration, and then contacted and had companion study. 

A good week. 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

A Donut Burger! The bun is a donut!!


Elder Meyer, Elder Rodgers, Elder Wood, Elder Smith

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