Monday, 8 May 2017

More Intent ...Week 4 in Lapeer

     Starting off the week was great. We played games and then we had some dinner. Later that night we went to contact a referral to help her strengthen her faith in Christ, as that is what she wanted. As we did I felt the need to ask if she had a book of Mormon, she did, missionaries had seen her in the past. I asked if she knew where it was and she had missed placed it so we gave her a brand new one and invited her to read it. She said she would try when she finds time. We had a great visit as we stood in the rain. Then we tried to contact some people on the streets. 

     Tuesday we saw a less active member who loves the missionaries. We read from the 3rd book of Nephi. For those who know this chapter describes Christ and his ministry to the Americans, this chapter is powerful. I have seen that as I have read and re-read this chapter that my testimony increases in the way that I can say I know that Christ appeared to them and set forth His gospel. For the rest of the day we were out finding. 

     Wednesday, District Meeting was great. We discussed how we can recognise the spirit more and how we can pray with more intent. So this week each evening I say a prayer of just the things I am grateful for for that day and then I end and then say another prayer and I try to be specific not just a man who is asking for this and that. I have seen that it makes me think more and it helps to pray with "More Intent" and maybe one day before I return home I will pray as Enos did. 

     The next day we went to Habitat for Humanity and it was pouring rain but it was fun, lots of fun. Then that evening we went to a less actives for dinner and we had Chinese chicken and rice and veggies, it was a dish that I highly recommend for any one to try.

     Friday was a day of planning, and then some contacting and study as a companionship. That night an investigator took us out for dinner. It was Cinco De Mayo so we figured all the Mexican restaurants would be packed so we went to a different restaurant called Lucky's Blind fish Grill. I go to order some fish and chips and our investigator was appalled that I would order that, he said 'are you sure!! you didn't see anything else that you might like? Surly there is something better' So I ordered a 12 oz top sirloin steak and he was much happier with me! It was cooked to perfection. Later that night we went to teach a member the restoration. Then bed time! Oh and we ate the carrot cake our investigator got us at the restaurant, it was a big slice.

     Saturday we spent the day contacting and finding. People said they were interested but when we asked for their number they would quickly say they don't give that info out so it was a bust.

     Sunday there was a broadcast for the North America North East Region. Elder Oaks, Elder Gong, Elder Perkins and Sister Cordon spoke and it was great. Then after church there was a potluck lunch and it was not luck that it was great :)  I had some great bean and chicken tacos, and dessert. Later that afternoon we taught another member the restoration, then had dinner. We had a 50 min nap then some contacting and companionship study.

Today we are headed to port Huron to a Chinese buffet and then to be with the other Elders on pday and then exchanges. 

Have a great week,
Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

My delicious carrot cake

Orange chicken sauce...way good!

My homemade chicken stir fry

My drawing skills

Now I need a companion named Elder Calhoun
(Its form the movie The Best Two Years, Elder Rodgers
has a companion named Elder Calhoun)

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