Thursday, 25 May 2017

Unexpected Answers ...Week 6 in Lapeer

     A week full of UP'S! Allow me to explain. Monday, we had our prep day and that was an UP and then we had dinner with a member that was an UP and after that we had a lesson with a potential and taught the restoration and that was an UP. So Monday was and UP day. 

     Tuesday we started off the afternoon by having a lesson with our investigator M and a member came with us. We extended a baptism date and it was well received, so that was and UP. Later, after some finding and getting our car fixed we travelled to a members for dinner. After that we went out with their sons to deliver cookies to some Less active members, so that was and UP.

     Next day we had a district meeting and that was an UP. We learned about personal revelation. A quote from Preach My Gospel that stood out to me reads "salvation cannot comwithout revelation" I pondered on this quote and know that it is true. We need to always be seeking personal revelation. We read the Book of Mormon with someone later today and then we had correlation and dinner so that was and UP. Later we did some finding. 

     Thursday was an UP! We went to the temple this morning with some members who drove us down. It was truly a great experience and refreshing one. Then the members after having taken us to the temple came with us to a visit our investigator M. We had a great lesson as we discussed the Gospel of  Jesus Christ. She informed us that she would not be able to attend church this week as she had a class at 10! the same time as church. We were a little bummed but the lesson was an UP! That evening we had another member dinner and that was an UP. Then some finding to conclude the day. 

     Weekly Planning was and UP because we got to plan for M! After we concluded I closed with prayer and in that prayed I asked if it was the will of the Lord that her class would be cancelled and she would be able to come to church. That evening we had an opportunity to volunteer at the soup kitchen before we went to a members home for dinner so both of those were UPS. Then some finding. Tonight was transfer calls and I found out that I will be in a trio next transfer. It will be with my same companion, Elder Meyer and another Elder coming into Lapeer with us. So that was and UP. 

     Saturday was long but it was good. Nothing happened but I didn't collapse so that was and UP. 

     Sunday, we didn't see our investigator M at church so we continued to our next class, Gospel Principles and a member walked in with our investigator!! She had slipped in and we didn't see her come in, she had been there for sacrament. When we asked her about the class she was like "oh it was cancelled not sure why, so I felt that I should come here" That was a major UP!!!!! I had prayed more then once that her class would be cancelled and it was. It was an unexpected answer and a testimony that the Lord will answer any righteous prayer. Later that day Elder Meyer Skyped home as his parent were out of the country last week. A member brought us dinner as he skyped so that was and UP. Then we drove to a members home for dinner again, that was and UP. The mission is doing this battle of the choir thing with some other Baptist churches. The mission was asked to participate and my companion is in it so we went to practice and that was and UP. The performance is in the middle of June. 

A week of 21 UP'S 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Went to the Temple

Our Chapel

Our home!


My treat!

Interesting  benches

Monroe in Lapeer!

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