Monday, 19 June 2017

700 cans = Free wings! ...Week 10 in Lapeer

     Monday starting off the week we travelled and hour to Port Huron to spend the p day with the district. It was sweet. We went to the beach, mall, and played games at the apartment. That evening Elder Clayden, Elder Meyer & I exchanged. Me and Clayden talked up a storm, it was sweet. In like 2 hours we talked to over 25 people about the gospel in parking lots, and the boardwalk that separates Canada and USA. It was a great night! 

     The next day we continued the exchange. First a bit of backstory.... so in their apartment (in Port Heron) in the kitchen they have a year supply of pop cans stacked on the wall from former missionaries! There was like 700 cans so $70 worth, so we tore them down and returned them for cash and what we did with the cash will come up later. After we went to contact and talked to even more people today, it was great. We stopped in at multiple people and Elder Clayden and I wrecked it again (did great). For dinner, we took the cash form the cans and we all met up to go for buffalo wild wings! It was sweet and tasty! Then some more contacting before comp study and bed to end the evening. 

     In the Morning, District meeting. We learned about teaching the doctrine and then asking questions to understand if they understand, then we travelled home and a former missionary in the mission friend of Elder Wolfe took us out for lunch with his family. That afternoon we helped a non member do some service and then he took us to dinner! After we had our scheduled lesson fall so we had our companion study. 

     The next day, Thursday, we did service in the morning and then that evening we had dinner with a member family. It was an awesome meal! Then we drove to Oxford to go with members to deliver cookies to less actives, it was a great visit. That wrapped up the day. 

     Friday, Elder Wolfe had to go to Southfield for an exit interview and so he went down with another missionary so we went on exchange in the other Elders area and served some people. I got myself a Trump sign, it was sweet. Then one set went to a members home for dinner and an Elder took me out for dinner, it was also my 18 month mark.

     Saturday we contacted all day and it was great.

     On the Sabbath day we went to two members home to teach the restoration. Also we had a member dinner, it was a great day. when we were teaching the restoration it is awesome to always reflect on the true nature of it and how and what really did happen, its great. 

That's my week! It was also way hot at times one day this week reached 97ºF (36ºC)...that's warm! Another day it was 73º F and that felt like paradise! Anyway, have a great week y'all!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers


My $7 back pack!

Trump sign

Steak and eggs for breakfst

The wall of cans in the kitchen...before

The wall... after!

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