Wednesday, 14 June 2017

What a blessing ...Week 9 in Lapeer

     Monday for preparation day we travelled to Flint and went to the mall and some stores and I'm am deeply sorry mom but I didn't get pictures....but it was cool! We really didn't see anything picture worthy. Later that evening we went to the library for Elder Wolfe and he worked on his prep for school and the "My Plan" thing departing missionaries do. Then we talked to people. 

     ZONE CONFERENCE on Tuesday was a blast. We discussed accountability to the mission president and to the Lord and how we will retain it  after our missions as well. A paragraph on accountability from preach my gospel says "The principle of accountability is fundamental in God’s eternal plan. We will all stand before the Lord at the last judgement and give an accounting for what we have done with the opportunities He has given us (see Alma 5:15–19; D&C 137:9). There is much you can learn about accountability on your mission that will benefit you throughout your life. The principle of accountability will bless you..." Then we talked about repenting often and that in the mission field it is a sin braking the white hand book. Later we had some famous shaved ice and I also got to sit in Presidents Mustang. Then we saw Sister MJ and talked a little about Family History and how she can do it! What a blessing!

     The next day for dinner we went to a members home and it was great!! We saw Sister MJ and taught the Restoration and it was great. She is so awesome and is starting to share it herself with her sister.

     Thursday was service day at habitat and then some contacting.

     Friday we had three lesson set up from people we met on Wednesday and all cancelled, one rescheduled and one said he is not going to drive that far to church, its like 30-32 minutes. So then we planned and went to the soup kitchen and it was grand!! Also some members fed us that night home made pizza it was grand! Then some members who buy us food gave that to us, I got some pork chops, steak, chicken, brats and oranges... it was great, I love it!! That evening we saw Sister MJ and taught the plan of Salvation and she remembered it and loved it all.

     Saturday was HOT, it was 90ºF (32ºC). We went to the church in the morning for a pancake breakfast and a car wash/bake sale fundraiser. A member bought us breakfast and treats and a car wash, it was awesome! What a blessing! Then we saw a potential investigator down south and did some service for her before we travelled to Detroit for the Battle of the Choir at a baptist church. It was the BEST 2 1/2 in a while. It was great, lots of singing! Then when that was over we made it home just before 9pm.

     Sunday was Awesome! President and Sister Cleveland came and for the 3rd hour they talked about missionary work to the ward. It was awesome and uplifting to the ward. That evening we had another meeting with Sister MJ  and taught the Gospel of Christ, Jesus and the Sabbath Day and it was a great lesson. She said she is going to invite someone to church!!! What a blessing. Tt was 91ºF today...... HOT!! 

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

President Cleveland car!

Sister & Pres Cleveland

Elder Wolfe and I

Sr couple Sister & Elder Rushton

In Detroit

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