Monday, 31 July 2017

Because of Kolob ...Week 16 in Lapeer

     This week has been good. It was an awesome preparation day, we spent it with the other members of the district in Port Huron, and then exchanged. 
     This week has gone by and some of the highlights of the week include but are not limited to: The second day of exchange Elder Clayden and Myself were teaching and found a new person to teach for them. Then that evening we were knocking and a family let us in and it was supper cool, that we got to teach right then and there. 

     Next highlight of the week was District Meeting. We taught each other how to better introduce the book of Mormon and we took parts we learned from our last zone conference, it was good. Another highlight was that evening we went out with a member of the stake presidency and dropped off cookies to some less actives. It was some good visits and he is a cool member. 

     Then more highlights were... today we got a referral and this guy was on the computer watching a video or playing a game and it referenced Kolob. He searched it up and he ended up talking to missionaries in Salt Lake. So because of Kolob we are now teaching him (A)

     Thursday we served and that was great! That evening we taught a part member family and that was really great! Defiantly a highlight. 

     Next highlight was interviews they were great!! We got there and president was behind so we were there for 4 hours but it was great. He also gave us a good talk on what the missionaries in the zone need to improve. Later that day we served our other investigator, and then served at the soup kitchen. A great day!!

     Next highlight was we went back to teach (A) our investigator and he has read the intro and testimony's and the first 12 chapters! It was great and he has been grasping it all and wants to live the commandments, its great!! For sure my favorite highlight of the week. 

     The last highlight was on Sunday we got a new Ward Mission Leader. It was great, Also A came to church, it was great! He even stayed for the pot luck afterwards and sat with some members while we were with other members. It was great!! 

In general it was the nicest week for weather it was  66-77ºF all week, that's like 21-25ºC, so nice not the 35ºC weather they are getting back home!  

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

New haircut

with Elder Shultz

Mmmmm breakfast

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Not the best winning streak ...Week 15 in Lapeer

     This week has been good. It was an awesome preparation day, we spent it with the other members of the district in Port Huron. This week has gone by fast and some of the highlights of the week include but are not limited to: We went to subway with a gift card a member gave me, and it was good. I tried the Chicken bacon ranch and it was really good!! Always trying new food! and then we played 5 rounds of Settlers of Catan and I was 1-4 in winning... not the best winning streak! That was the highlight of our preparation day,.
     Next highlight of the week was our Zone conference on Tuesday. It was so awesome and from what I got from it was that we need to be eliminating our distractions that keep us from being exactly obedient. So from that I have eliminated most of my distractions and I am working on the others. For lunch we had Chicken Shawarma, Mediterranean food provided by the Cleveland family. It was good, different but good.  Another highlight on that day was we taught a lesson to a part member family and their son is interested in being baptized so that is way cool and we have another appointment with them this week,
     Another highlight of the week was Wednesday night we went out with a member and delivered cookies to some less actives and had two great visits so that is always fun and an exiting thing to do.
     Thursday had a highlight, we served at Habitat and it was a good time! Most of Thursday didn't have a note worthy highlight. 
     But the next highlight was Friday. I will combine Fridays highlights together. We served our investigator and then taught her, and then served at the soup kitchen in Lapeer and then had dinner with a member, we had sweet and sour pork with veggies YUM! and then we tracked there neighborhood and found a potential! Those were the highlights of Friday!
     The next highlight was Saturday. We stopped by some former's and one was interested in meeting back up with missionaries, and then another highlight or a moment that was good was that we had a less active lesson and dinner, so that was good. 
     Sunday was a highlight! We were fulfilling preach my gospel and what we have been asked to do by the mission, its in Chapter 9 under the importance  of members 
  • Teach Church leaders and members the message of the Restoration and other lessons.
So that is what we did. We taught 4 member families the messages of the restoration and other lessons and it was great! A highlight indeed!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

The great opportunity I had to shake the hand
of an apostle of our Savior
Dieter F Uchtdorf 

President Uchtdorf visit our mission

I love dark chocolate almond milk!

Friday, 21 July 2017

578 Days Completed ...Week 14 in Lapeer

     This week has been good. It was an awesome preparation day last week. We spent it with a member playing all types of games, truly a great time. 

     This week has gone by fast, some of the highlights of the week include but are not limited to... we did service for and investigator and it was lots of fun and after the fact he fed us lots of salad and it was good! Next highlight of the day was that evening we went out with Mike, an RM in the ward. We visited some less actives and afterwards he took us out to Sonic for ice cream. It was a great day. 
     Next highlight I shall include is district meeting. That was a fun time! The district leader and his companion were late but when they got there we had a great meeting, then we had lunch with Mike. Next highlight was dinner that day as we had pizza with the former ward mission leaders family and they are great!

     Another highlight was the service Thursday morning at Habitat for Humanity. That was fun and good. Later that evening we had dinner with Mike and that was a highlight.  Also another highlight of the day was cookie visits. They were good with some success again. 

     One unfortunate highlight was this morning Mike left us... he left to Tennessee for GOOD. That evening we volunteered at the Soup kitchen and then had dinner with an investigator at a restaurant. It was great, I had Alfredo with spinach and mushrooms in it, really unique. These both were some highlights of the week!

     Saturdays highlights were that we got a new investigator who is willing to listen as we help her around the yard. And the last highlight of the day was I made some BBQ Chicken drumsticks and they were amazing! I got 3 pounds for $1.66 it was great!!!!

     On Sunday the highlight was Church. Then an hour drive to teach a member the restoration and also today was 578 Days Completed! 

     While these were the main HIGHLIGHTS OF MY WEEK  one insight from a study I had this week was  " Effective daily study must always begin with prayer. Study is an act of faith requiring the use of personal agency. Our gospel study is most effective when you are taught by the Holy Ghost. Always begin your gospel study by praying for the Holy Ghost to help you learn. He will bring knowledge and conviction that will bless your life and allow you to bless the lives of others. Your faith in Jesus Christ will increase. Your desire to repent and improve will grow." (Preach my Gospel)

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

Elder Rodgers & Elder Shultz

Saying bye to Mike

Elder Shultz, Mike, Elder Rodgers

My steak and eggs breakfast

Sunset in MI

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Hand Of A Special Witness ...Week 13 in Lapeer

     This week has been a good one! It was a lit preparation day, we spent it with a member playing all types of games, truly a great relaxation time. This week has gone by quick. Some of the highlights of the week include but are not limited to... Monday night we went to a members home and shared the restoration with him and in conclusion he gave us each $10 to McDonald's. Sweet ya know because they are always busy and can't always feed us.  

     The next highlight we go contacting and I introduce myself to a person in the store and she actually thought I was asking her out, no way gross 😷 it was supper awkward! Then later she was staring at me... weird. 

     Next event of the week was TRANSFERS ....WHAT A BLESSING! We had a member drive us and get me a new companion who goes my the name of ELDER SHULTZ from Smithfield Utah. When we got back we had a 4th of July breakfast. I told them they were 3 days late but no one was buying it. The next highlight I wish to address was District meeting. It was a lit one with a lot of laughter and learning and a good discussion on repentance.

     Another highlight was Thursday morning when we went down to the temple with Mike, a member who we have spent some prep days with and some Sundays with and some dinners with. Anyways, we were able to go to the Temple in Bloomfield, it was a great morning. After he took us out to Taco Bell (my favorite fast food joint)  Another event of the day was that evening we taught a member the restoration. 

     The highlight  I wish to address next is when we served at the soup kitchen. It was a great experience and I always enjoy serving. I would like to share a paragraph from preach my gospel related to service. " One of the great blessings of membership in the church is the opportunity to serve. When we give loving service to others, we are serving God. When we are baptized, we covenant to give such service (see Mosiah 18: 8-10) We are able to become aware of others' physical and spiritual needs. We then give of our time, talents and means to help meet those needs. we follow the example of the Savior, who came to serve others. We are to do what Jesus did and become like Him." So as members and in general what a blessing it can be to serve. 

     The next highlight I want to share I think tops the week and maybe even all mission highlights. We were told to travel to the Westland Stake Center. For us it was a 2 hour commute but the speaker was worth it. He goes by the name of "Dieter F Uchtdorf", It was amazing! Before he spoke we got to shake The Hand Of A Special Witness of Jesus Christ. Here a few highlights from what he said.
  1. We are a part of the restoration of the gospel. The end of the restoration occurs when the Savior returns.
  2. Know your purpose and wax strong in the Lord (D&C 121:45).
  3. Continue on, don’t turn away, 4th floor last door will come.
  4. Endure to the end.
  5. Don’t underestimate the impact you will have as a missionary.
  6. Preach My Gospel will tell you what to do!
  7. “Your obligation is as serious in your sphere of responsibility as is my obligation in my sphere” President Gordon B. Hinckley (PMG pg13). Your service is as significant as the prophet… make sure you remember that.
  8. The Father’s work and glory is what you and I are doing now!
  9. Move forward with Faith.
  10. Help each other and we will succeed.
  11. When we repent He will not remember our sins.
  12. Clear things up and trust in the Lord.
  13. Three times he said “The Lord is pleased with your sacrifice.
It was an amazing meeting!

     The next highlight was our Sunday where we visited 4 member family's and taught the restoration to some and the plan of salvation to others. It was filled with lots of teaching the doctrine of Christ.

I hope y'all have a great week and enjoy whatever weather we may receive!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers 

Elder Shultz and I at the Temple

After meeting with President Uchtdorf

My new shoes!


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Another transfer down 4 to go ...Week 12 in Lapeer

     This week has been good, it was a legit preparation day. We spent it with a member playing all types of games, truly a great relaxing time. 

     This week has gone by quick, some of the highlights of the week include but are not limited to... Cookie splits, where we went out with a just graduated youth to stop by a family and give them cookies and share the gospel with them. They seemed like they would be interested in having us come back to share more with them, so that is great! 

     Another highlight is after District meeting on Wednesday we had to drive all the way to Southfield to get our new car. The old one needs to be repaired because the door was bent, so we picked up a almost new car, 16000 miles, a Ford Escape "17" Then we had to drive all the way back up but of course we hit the dinner rush hour and that slowed us down, but that was a cool event. 

     The next highlight or event that was good was the service we do at Habitat for Humanity, they even fed us lunch! The next highlight I wish to share was a member family who made us "dinner to go" because of timing and all. It was chicken and rice with broccoli, it was good! 

     Next highlight of my week was Fridays dinner. We showed up for dinner and they had 3 full racks of ribs! That was heaven! There was only 4 of us so they told us to "dig in" so I probably had like 3/4's of a rack, it was legit. 

     Leading into the next highlight of the week.... we drove to Port Huron for exchanges. The exchange was so great, I was with Elder Smith and it was one of the best exchanges I've had since being here. It was just because of what went on that day. I was close to Canada on Canada day, don't know if they were gun shots we heard or fireworks, I could not tell but probably fireworks cause we were in a safe part of town. 

     The last highlight of the week was church, and then member visits. We were able to share a message with two family's and then I also broke my fast with SPAGHETTI ! I haven't had pasta in a while, it was so tasty and great! 

     Oh another highlight, I forgot transfer calls came in..... Elder Meyer is leaving to an unknown area and I am staying and will be getting another companion, another transfer down 4 to go!

Have a great week
Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

In Lexington by Lake Huron 

Lake Huron

Elder Smith

That flag is in Canada... so close