Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Another transfer down 4 to go ...Week 12 in Lapeer

     This week has been good, it was a legit preparation day. We spent it with a member playing all types of games, truly a great relaxing time. 

     This week has gone by quick, some of the highlights of the week include but are not limited to... Cookie splits, where we went out with a just graduated youth to stop by a family and give them cookies and share the gospel with them. They seemed like they would be interested in having us come back to share more with them, so that is great! 

     Another highlight is after District meeting on Wednesday we had to drive all the way to Southfield to get our new car. The old one needs to be repaired because the door was bent, so we picked up a almost new car, 16000 miles, a Ford Escape "17" Then we had to drive all the way back up but of course we hit the dinner rush hour and that slowed us down, but that was a cool event. 

     The next highlight or event that was good was the service we do at Habitat for Humanity, they even fed us lunch! The next highlight I wish to share was a member family who made us "dinner to go" because of timing and all. It was chicken and rice with broccoli, it was good! 

     Next highlight of my week was Fridays dinner. We showed up for dinner and they had 3 full racks of ribs! That was heaven! There was only 4 of us so they told us to "dig in" so I probably had like 3/4's of a rack, it was legit. 

     Leading into the next highlight of the week.... we drove to Port Huron for exchanges. The exchange was so great, I was with Elder Smith and it was one of the best exchanges I've had since being here. It was just because of what went on that day. I was close to Canada on Canada day, don't know if they were gun shots we heard or fireworks, I could not tell but probably fireworks cause we were in a safe part of town. 

     The last highlight of the week was church, and then member visits. We were able to share a message with two family's and then I also broke my fast with SPAGHETTI ! I haven't had pasta in a while, it was so tasty and great! 

     Oh another highlight, I forgot transfer calls came in..... Elder Meyer is leaving to an unknown area and I am staying and will be getting another companion, another transfer down 4 to go!

Have a great week
Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

In Lexington by Lake Huron 

Lake Huron

Elder Smith

That flag is in Canada... so close

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