Monday, 31 July 2017

Because of Kolob ...Week 16 in Lapeer

     This week has been good. It was an awesome preparation day, we spent it with the other members of the district in Port Huron, and then exchanged. 
     This week has gone by and some of the highlights of the week include but are not limited to: The second day of exchange Elder Clayden and Myself were teaching and found a new person to teach for them. Then that evening we were knocking and a family let us in and it was supper cool, that we got to teach right then and there. 

     Next highlight of the week was District Meeting. We taught each other how to better introduce the book of Mormon and we took parts we learned from our last zone conference, it was good. Another highlight was that evening we went out with a member of the stake presidency and dropped off cookies to some less actives. It was some good visits and he is a cool member. 

     Then more highlights were... today we got a referral and this guy was on the computer watching a video or playing a game and it referenced Kolob. He searched it up and he ended up talking to missionaries in Salt Lake. So because of Kolob we are now teaching him (A)

     Thursday we served and that was great! That evening we taught a part member family and that was really great! Defiantly a highlight. 

     Next highlight was interviews they were great!! We got there and president was behind so we were there for 4 hours but it was great. He also gave us a good talk on what the missionaries in the zone need to improve. Later that day we served our other investigator, and then served at the soup kitchen. A great day!!

     Next highlight was we went back to teach (A) our investigator and he has read the intro and testimony's and the first 12 chapters! It was great and he has been grasping it all and wants to live the commandments, its great!! For sure my favorite highlight of the week. 

     The last highlight was on Sunday we got a new Ward Mission Leader. It was great, Also A came to church, it was great! He even stayed for the pot luck afterwards and sat with some members while we were with other members. It was great!! 

In general it was the nicest week for weather it was  66-77ºF all week, that's like 21-25ºC, so nice not the 35ºC weather they are getting back home!  

Lots Of Love 
Elder Rodgers 

New haircut

with Elder Shultz

Mmmmm breakfast

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