Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Not the best winning streak ...Week 15 in Lapeer

     This week has been good. It was an awesome preparation day, we spent it with the other members of the district in Port Huron. This week has gone by fast and some of the highlights of the week include but are not limited to: We went to subway with a gift card a member gave me, and it was good. I tried the Chicken bacon ranch and it was really good!! Always trying new food! and then we played 5 rounds of Settlers of Catan and I was 1-4 in winning... not the best winning streak! That was the highlight of our preparation day,.
     Next highlight of the week was our Zone conference on Tuesday. It was so awesome and from what I got from it was that we need to be eliminating our distractions that keep us from being exactly obedient. So from that I have eliminated most of my distractions and I am working on the others. For lunch we had Chicken Shawarma, Mediterranean food provided by the Cleveland family. It was good, different but good.  Another highlight on that day was we taught a lesson to a part member family and their son is interested in being baptized so that is way cool and we have another appointment with them this week,
     Another highlight of the week was Wednesday night we went out with a member and delivered cookies to some less actives and had two great visits so that is always fun and an exiting thing to do.
     Thursday had a highlight, we served at Habitat and it was a good time! Most of Thursday didn't have a note worthy highlight. 
     But the next highlight was Friday. I will combine Fridays highlights together. We served our investigator and then taught her, and then served at the soup kitchen in Lapeer and then had dinner with a member, we had sweet and sour pork with veggies YUM! and then we tracked there neighborhood and found a potential! Those were the highlights of Friday!
     The next highlight was Saturday. We stopped by some former's and one was interested in meeting back up with missionaries, and then another highlight or a moment that was good was that we had a less active lesson and dinner, so that was good. 
     Sunday was a highlight! We were fulfilling preach my gospel and what we have been asked to do by the mission, its in Chapter 9 under the importance  of members 
  • Teach Church leaders and members the message of the Restoration and other lessons.
So that is what we did. We taught 4 member families the messages of the restoration and other lessons and it was great! A highlight indeed!

Lots of Love
Elder Rodgers

The great opportunity I had to shake the hand
of an apostle of our Savior
Dieter F Uchtdorf 

President Uchtdorf visit our mission

I love dark chocolate almond milk!

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