Monday, 7 August 2017

"Cant Wait" ...Week 17 in Lapeer

     This week has been good! It was an awesome preparation day, we spent it at Great Lakes Crossing Outlet and I did some shopping. 

     This week has gone by quick and some of the highlights of the week include but are not limited to: We went with a member of the ward to visit a less active member and it was a great visit for us. We read and discussed a chapter from the Book Of Mormon. 

     Next Highlight of our week included us going to district meeting where our zone leaders were there and we were instructed on how to help our investigators have a spiritual experience at there baptism. It was lots of fun and we learned some good things! Another highlight was we found a place at a local food pantry we can help out at and that was great. 

      Thursday was the highlight of our week. We served again for LIFE REMODELED in Detroit. It was supper cool and a great experience. We cleaned up the yards of abandoned homes so that it looked clear for cops, when they be chasing We really do it to help clean up the neighbourhood so it looks great. A lot of people come together and volunteer to clean and help renew the area. It was also a WARM day but ya know ya cant win em' all. Later that night as we were preparing for our lesson SHE CANCELLED! That was not a highlight. 

     Next highlight was we went to see A, our investigator and taught some commandments. He ordered a plastic liahona from some church website, and is already in 2 Nephi 5. He is doing great. Continuing with today's highlights, we volunteered at the Soup kitchen and that is fun but the biggest highlight of the day was we received a referral the other day and we met with her today and we taught the restoration and she is really looking for a church that she feels is right so when Elder Shultz extended a baptism invitation she replied "Cant Wait" It was really cool to hear and witness that the Lord is really preparing the people here and everywhere for the gospel. 

     Saturdays highlights include a child of record baptism that we spoke at and A our investigator came also, that was sweet. 

     To cap off the week the last highlight was that we had correlation with our new ward mission leader, it was great!! We had a great week and this week we find out, the night before my birthday, all about transfer news! We also have exchanges this week so it shall be a great one! 

Lots of Love 
Elder Rodgers

In Detroit

some of the crew

all done selfie!

Elder Clayden

Elder Mikelson

car ride...get in

first time I wore my jeans!

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